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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Happy Birthday

I make no bones about it – I think Elizabeth R is one of the best things about The United Kingdom.   

I like seeing the lovely warmth of her smile.  Back in 2000 I nominated one of my parishioners to receive the Maundy Money from her at Lincoln cathedral and when I saw Her Majesty I couldn’t believe the radiance of a lady of 74 as she was then and as far as I can see she has lost little of that glow.

I am in awe of her stamina and energy.  True she no longer does quite as much but she still has an amazing workload.

I admire her devotion to duty.  Few Heads of State anywhere have been in office for over sixty three years as she has and yet she has said she will never abdicate, that her whole life will be devoted to our service.

And today she is 89 years old.  Non-Brits may not realise this but she has had 152 birthdays as she has an official birthday as well as the sort that the rest of us have!

When she was born she was not expected to become Queen but on 9th September this year she will become our longest reigning monarch.  We have been fortunate indeed to have her.

Happy Birthday, Ma’am


  1. I totally agree with everything you said. A Happy Birthday to her from me as well.

  2. Happy Birthday Ma'am. Her commitment and her faith are an inspiration. Not many people work as hard and as long as she does.

  3. Absolutely! Well said. She is a truly remarkable lady.

  4. Absolutely! Well said. She is a truly remarkable lady.

  5. I agree with all you said. She is an amazing person and I wish her a Happy Birthday, as well. I think the devotion that the British people have for their Queen is a beautiful and unique thing. I hope it never changes.

  6. Wouldn't it have been wonderful if the new Royal baby had been born on the Queen's birthday?