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Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Jeanie has been again today and she's here for a sleepover too.  It is such a joy to have a dog about the house again.  For various reasons I can't have my own dog at the moment, but how I miss my Fido!

Fido came to me from cocker rescue.  His original name was Barney but it seemed as though every other dog that I met was also called Barney.  I'd never met a dog who was actually called Fido and it seemed to suit him.  He had a terrible tendency to catch fleas, despite regular treatment so he had to be kept clipped fairly short.

He was incredibly greedy which regularly got him into trouble as he had no morals and would pinch from dogs, humans (especially children) and bins.  On one occasion he found a pineapple skin and ate it and was VERY sick but got no sympathy from your truly.  Here he had his suspicions that there was something edible under the cupboard and he managed to get stuck and being horrible I photographed him before I rescued him.

His best friend was Toby, my cousin's dog.  One day they demolished a large soft toy between them and Fido managed to wear it,  I call this picture, "His Honour, Judge Fido".

Sadly Fido had to be put to sleep November 2013.  I still miss him but I'm so glad that he enriched my life.


  1. I do love spaniels and he looked a very cheeky one!

  2. How adorable! I'm glad Jeanie has come to visit again :)
    My dogs are greedy like your Fido was. They'll pinch (most especially from Abner) anytime they think someone isn't looking.

  3. I can see why you miss him, I still miss our Molly.

  4. Fido looks like he was a wonderful companion! I am sure he is missed, just like my Tessie. I am sure he was loads of fun, he looks like he would be.

  5. It is so sad when we lose a pet/friend - for they are friends and give us so much joy and pleasure. Each time we lose an animal we say we won't have another, but we always do despite our circumstances. I hope that in the future you might be able to have another dog of your own - but 'borrowing' one is just as enriching.