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Sunday, 5 April 2015

A Day Filled With Joy

Some days just bring joy - and today was one such!

I went to this lovely church at Great Limber today.  As I walked up the path the bells were ringing and there to the left of the path were the first violets I have seen this year.

The church was by no means full but we were a joyful congregation, singing the hymns with verve - and they laughed at my jokes in the sermon which always helps!  

Children had made delightful a Easter garden and put (toy) rabbits, frogs, hedgehogs and the like in it that they too might share in the joy of this day.

When I went into the tower there was a cloud of butterflies and then as I walked down the path to my car the birds were singing their hearts out.

Easter Sunday is full of joy!


  1. A joyful day indeed. Easter blessings.

  2. What a wonderful day! That church is beautiful, the violets are gorgeous, the childrens work such a blessing -- and I am sure your message was very good -- you are very eloquent and well spoken -- I would love to hear one of your sermons one day! Thank you for the beautiful e-card! I really enjoyed it! Bean loved hers as well and has opened it several times! I was just late getting things mailed but you should be getting it early this week.