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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Well, it was peaceful today . . .

I went to this lovely little church at Melton Ross today.  It's called The Church of the Ascension. By Lincolnshire standards it's quite a new church, dating only from 1867 but it's on the site of an older church which was destroyed by fire.  That feels slightly ironic as at this time of the year it is one of the coldest churches I have ever been in and believe me, I have been in some cold churches.

But go into the church and it is totally amazing.  The ceiling is decorated all over.  I don’t think the painting has been cleaned since the church was first built but it is still stunning.

These days Melton Ross is a calm and pretty village despite a busy main road and nearby quarry but it was not always so. According to local legend there was a bitter feud between two families, one from Melton Ross and one from the next village.  It was no minor squabble and it went on for over 200 years until in James 1 ordered that any deaths resulting from the quarrel were to be treated as murder and he had a gallows erected between the two villages.  The gallows still stand to this day.


  1. Long standing feuds are SO sad - wasted years full of hate. Well done James 1 for a wise decision