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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Garden in February

On Sunday when my family came for lunch we had leeks from the garden.  I find that wonderful.  I've hardly been out there for two or three months and yet we had leeks from the garden.   I have had little inclination to stick my nose out of doors and still less to do anything to my garden and yet it still produces joy in abundance.
Winter lettuce

 The winter lettuce has survived and I must try it.  
Lambs' lettuce

The lambs’ lettuce is positively flourishing,
Swiss chard

Even the Swiss chard looks OK

And even better the snowdrops look wonderful.

Spring can’t be too far away.

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  1. Oh my! We have feet of snow covering everything and you have produce in your garden! I might be a little envious but you're right spring shall be here eventually. I love this post! It gives me hope, helps me to feel there is still life out of doors, and your garden looks positively lovely! How wonderful.