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Sunday, 31 August 2014

A wonderful day

This is just a very short post to say I've had a wonderful day.  I cooked a tasty dinner of roast pork, pigs in blankets, apple sauce, roast potatoes and parsnips, peas, beans, carrots followed by apple pie and summer pudding.  No-one left the table complaining of being hungry!

And I had time with people I love.  I'm a bit short on close family as I have neither married nor had children and my only sister died a few years ago.  Her only son and his wife live in Belgium and I see them perhaps twice a year for just a couple of hours.  My 89 year old aunt is my closest relative and my cousins are all very important to me.  I am truly blessed to have a loving extended family.

So now it's just me and the washing up.  (Don't worry, I've got a dishwasher!)


  1. So glad you had a lovely family time with good food!

  2. Doesn't get any better, good food and family making wonderful memories.

  3. That sounds delicious, and a very happy day too.

  4. I'm so happy for you that it went well!
    Roast pork and pig in the blankets; YUM!
    As for the summer pudding, I don't have a single idea as to what that is... I must google it now :)

    1. Ooooooh, Rivulet. Summer pudding, it's one of the delights of this life. It's a sort of bombe with crustless bread on the outside and lightly cooked summer fruits inside. Mine has a little alcohol in it and I serve with creme fraiche. Yummy!

    2. And the really important thing is that the bread has to be thoroughly soaked in the juices. I'm salivating just sitting here.

    3. I googled it and can say quite certainly that I've never had or seen anything at all like it... except the soaked bread part is like a bread pudding. Bread pudding is not a popular dessert around here. I actually never even heard of it until I was married to my husband who loves the stuff. I don't like bread pudding but I think only because I can't stand raisins in desserts. I think bread pudding is actually what you call pudding?

      While I don't know when I'll ever have the chance to try summer pudding I have just purchased the ingredients, found a recipe, and baked up a bread pudding (no raisins) for my very first time. My husband is sleeping so I hope he will be pleasantly surprised after dinner tonight. Thank-you heartily for the inspiration!

      I'm sad a little because I'm certain my late Grandmother who was born in England would have known what summer pudding is. I wish I'd had the opportunity to eat it with her at some point.

    4. No, don't think bread pudding! Nothing like that. Try
      As the recipe says it is quintessentially English. No baking involved (well, except bread has to be baked to be bread) just bread and fruit in a mould and left to let the flavours mingle.

    5. Ah, that would be very different. I'm intrigued!