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Monday, 6 March 2017

This is me

Back in 1974 I had a serious motor cycle accident whilst I was working in Nigeria and as a result one kneecap was smashed to smithereens and had to be removed.  Parts of the other leg became gangrenous and had to be sloughed away.  Skin grafts were needed and my legs have a very peculiar shape.

In 2013 I had a double mastectomy,

Over the years I have "comfort eaten" during periods of depression and as a result am very overweight,

Today I found the courage to go swimming with a friend.  It is the first time for at least fifteen years that I have swum and to be honest I struggled.  I struggled with self-consciousness, with unfitness and with fear.

In no conventional sense is mine the body beautiful but it is mine and it is unique.  And today I feel very proud.


  1. I have comfort eaten my way into a completely different person as well so I know how you feel. However, I am very proud of you going swimming and putting all your insecurites on the back burner! Just keep on keeping on!

  2. Swimming is a great way to ease back into healthy activities. I married into gorgeous bodied women, and have struggled with weight particularity after third child was born. I get uncomfortable, feel fat and unattractive, at the lake with all these slim folks, but under water, I swim like a mermaid.

  3. Well done with the swimming. Enjoy Best wishes

  4. Think of these things:

    People usually care about what THEY look like. They don't notice what other people look like unless they are under 30 and doing it for comparison purposes.

    We choose our friends for all sorts of reasons but not because of what their bodies look like.

    You are a lovely person. You make other people feel good about themselves. They want you to feel good about yourself.

    Being fitter and healthier means you can do more. You will be happier. You go girl!!!

    Cheers Marie

  5. Wow. There is so much in this post... wow!
    I'm proud of you for the courage I know it took to do something that resulted in a fabulous feeling.
    (I know I'm a little late to the conversation; I just haven't been on blogger but) I hope you're holding onto that feeling of pride and owning it for a very long time. And also that you have swum/ will be swimming again soon.

  6. Not been again yet but I certainly won't be leaving it fifteen years! Good to see you back in Blogland!

  7. Just catching up. You have every reason to be proud, good for you.