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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Marching on!

As I said in my last post February was fun but March looks likely to bring mayhem!

The floor in my kitchen has been giving rise to anxiety for quite a while and it's due to be sorted on 16th March.  I'm not really sure what to expect as everyone with whom I have spoken has given me different information and everyone says that s/he is right!  I am definitely pig in the middle.

Anyway, I need to make the best of a bad job so I'm going to get the kitchen emptied before they come and take the opportunity to spring clean.  I hate disruption in my kitchen.  GRRRRRR!


  1. New floors are on our project list and I dread the task to prepare for that!

  2. I wish you were on Facebook so I could share some things with you that I can't share here. Looking forward to seeing your new floor and a good kitchen clean-out is always a good thing -- I did just that (partially)this weekend.