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Sunday, 7 August 2016

A village wedding

In my time I've married enough men to set up a sizeable reverse harem for myself.  However I've married the same number of women!

Hydrangeas given by an elderly gentleman
who wants every village girl to have the perfect wedding
Yesterday I married a delightful couple who have just come back from a few years travelling the world and they came back to her village to get married.  I love the sort of wedding where love and thoughtfulness are more important than money spent.  Yesterday was a glorious wedding.  Bride and groom were both relaxed and happy.  Each had learnt their vows by heart, a wonderful wedding gift to give each other.  The flowers in the church were from local gardens and arranged by their friends.  There is a talented organist living in the village and the music made my heart want to dance - my feet wanted to as well so dance I did - well jiggled around a bit. 

Retirement means I can spend time with "my" couples, doing my part to ensure they have the most wonderful day possible.  They will be in my prayers for many a day to come.  

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  1. Sounds wonderful. Throwing money at something doesn't always bring the happiness that you want. The hydrangeas look beautiful.