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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Another day out

I had to go to Cleethorpes yesterday to do a small item of business and was not happy when I had to pay a pound to park my car on a not-very-busy front.  (On-street parking is no use to a trundle truck user as there needs to be space behind the car to let down the ramp and get the scooter in and out of the vehicle.)

Anyway, I paid my £1 but the business took only minutes so I decided to have a trundle along the promenade.  It was lovely!  

Dogs are allowed on the beach before Good Friday and there were quite a lots of mutts having the most wonderful runs and rolls.  Even a couple of horses were taking advantage of this glorious day.

 Far out in the estuary the war time forts were visible - in fact it looked as though one could just paddle out there!

The only thing which marred my day was that there was no-one to play snakes and ladders with me.

Maybe it was £1 well-spent after all.
My apologies for the photographs - one day I shall buy a camera with a decent zoom!

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  1. Sounds like a good day out, we haven't been to Cleethorpes for a long while I should put it on our list for somewhere to go in the Summer.