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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Visiting a military site

This has been a good week for getting out and about - eventually.  I say "eventually" because I had planned to go with a group of friends to Donna Nook on Tuesday but when I went out to the garage the trundle truck had a very flat tyre so my friends had to go without me.

Military warning signs - maybe seals can't read!!!
I was SO disappointed as Donna Nook is one of my favourite places to go in November.  Looking at the scenery one might wonder why!  It is a bleak spot on the mudflats of the Humber Estuary and it is well littered with military warning signs for it is an RAF bombing practice area.

Most of the year it would not be a visiting place of choice but for two months in the late autumn it is a maternity ward for grey seals.  I find it amazing that they choose to give birth in such a place, often within feet of the viewing area.

I couldn't go with my friends on Tuesday but so Thursday (trundle truck repaired!)  I went on my own.  Over 1400 seals have been born this year and no bleakness, no military signs, no freezing cold wind from the North Sea, could could detract from my wonder and awe at this sight.

   No matter how cold it is, some seals want to be even colder by sitting in the water like this cow.  Her pup was on the bank safely under her gaze.  His gaze was directed more at the human beings on the other side of the fence.

And I was delighted to learn that the military are sometimes involved in rescue operations for seals who find themselves in trouble!


  1. What a wonderful place, and to be able to get so close must be thrilling. We have a cove where the seals gather with their pups, there is no way down so you have to watch them from the top of the cliffs, probably a good thing really, they are safe from people and dogs down there.

  2. That is a wonder. I'm happy for you that you could go a different day.

  3. Such a shame you couldn't go with your friends, but what a delightful trip..

  4. wow! That is a sight I could never drive to see (at least no where near, that's for sure). New baby seals! How incredible.