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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

You'll never guess where I've been today!

Notelet with dragonflies
I had an e mail from Mandy today saying that owing to illness  there was a spare place at her crafting group this afternoon.  Hands up who was surprised that I said yes.

Sympathy card
Not exactly a forest of hands then.  I think you are getting to know me rather well.  I hadn't been out since Sunday and i have no other planned outings this week so off I went.

And this is what I brought back.

Pretty card - but a brute to make!
The first is a simple notelet with dragonflies with ferns in the background.  Before stamping the ferns on the card I stamped on to a piece of paper so that when I applied the stamp to the actual card it would look faint.  
My favourite

 Next is the sympathy card. This is quite straightforward and is just layers of various paper and card with the poppy stamp as its main feature.

 I struggled with the third one but it is rather pretty with its lacy trim.

And the fourth is my favourite. 

Well, whatever I was going to do today can be done tomorrow. 


  1. GORGEOUS! We (the little guy) made a card yesterday, LOL it looked NOTHING like the beautiful works of art you've created.

  2. You have a talent for card making, love the dragonfly stamp.

  3. The blue dragon fly card must be my favourite in your collection. You are very talented!

  4. very nice! You are, indeed, talented!