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Monday, 14 September 2015

More cards

I've been getting out very little these last few days as my eye continues to be very uncomfortable.  I'm hoping to see a specialist tomorrow so I should get sorted out a bit then.

However, I haven't been totally idle.  I've been to Mandy's!  And here are the results.  
A simple card

Faux embossing

Cascade card
embossing and die-cutting
 As you can see it was a blue-and-white Christmas theme.  I really like all four but I think my favourite is the one I have called "Embossing and die-cutting" although it was not without difficulties.  I think I may try one or two more additions to the cascade card.
Once again thank you Mandy


  1. Those lovely cards really make me imagine a snowy, icy winter! I hope eye clinic goes well - sight is so precious.

  2. Beautiful cards, whilst I have been busy with crafted gifts I haven't thought about cards yet. Thinking of you and hoping all goes well at the eye specialist.

  3. I wish I could join you at your sessions. I am at the very early card making stage. Yours are so accomplished, especially the die cut one.

  4. Your cards are so fun! thank-you for continuing to share them with us... waiting to hear what the specialist said.