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Friday, 25 September 2015

He's been!

Thirteen weeks today "He's Been! might refer to a gent with a white beard and a red costume, but today at Frugal Follies, the “he” in question, is the great Jack.

Whenever he comes it feels as though a whirlwind has parked in my little bungalow.  Today he was very busy.
A heart shaped potato makes a change from strangely shaped carrots

He painted the swing with another coat of preservative.

He planted some leeks
He outed the runner beans, the sweet peas and quite a few other things
He pruned the lavender.  
He painted a door
He dug the remaining potatoes.
He sorted out the veg patch.
He weeded quite a lot of garden.
Sabbath joy

We decided what he would do when he comes while I am away.

He drank quite a lot of tea.

And he ate a hook-free dinner including a very special potato.

And I am shattered.

But I have these last few sweet peas to enjoy on my Sabbath.


  1. I am shattered just reading about all the jobs he got through, he is like a whirlwind. Beautiful sweet peas.

  2. A really productive and busy day!

  3. Yes, a veritable whirlwind - but what an amazing amount of jobs he completed. Well done Jack!

  4. My, Jack is a busy bee! And I love the sweet peas! I had a friend while growing up whose father planted them along a back fence and they grew like crazy and smelled so nice! They have always been a favorite of mine.

    1. I have put the vase near my "relaxing" chair and the perfume is glorious. They are the last of the year.