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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Another guest post from you-know-who

I guess you all know about the mistake I made on my last visit.  It was so funny to get my friend out of bed so early.   I hadn't allowed for her Boss's intervention!!  I was sure He would be looking out for her.

I have a static caravan at Mablethorpe.  We go there for two weeks, then home for one week.  At least one of you knows that the air on the east coast is so fresh and clean that it does you good.  This week I am home.  I am flat out trying to keep everyone happy.

We got home Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning I was off 16 miles to see a lady who really does rely on me a lot.  I was putting six fence panels in for her and nothing fitted.  I finished them by 2pm but The Boss was taking His revenge for my mistakes at my person's.  I sliced my palm on one hand and cut my thumb twice on the other hand.  Another lady asked if I could make a wedge to stop her fence banging.  Whilst doing this I hit the same thumb with a hammer.  That's what you get for doing a good turn.

Before all this happened, on Monday afternoon, I was in my garage looking for something.  I was holding a plastic bag.  The handles broke and it hit a sword which I am cleaning.  The sword flew in the air and managed to hit me longways on my forehead so there was blood everywhere from a 1½ inch cut.

Then Tuesday I went to another lady who’s like a second mum to me.  She’s partially blind and she wanted her garden bench mending because the wood was rotten so of I went to the wood yard..  The Boss was at it again and the road was blocked so there was a detour. 

Next, with the rain closing in I went to my brother who has dementia.  I cut his grass which takes 1 – 1 ½ hours depending on how long it is.  My kind-hearted daughter takes him shopping and helps him around the house as much as she can.  This week she and her family went to my caravan which is a 55-60 mile trip each way to his house.  All my family are kind-hearted which makes me so proud.  It rained before I could finish his grass!

Wednesday came and I cut my own grass by 10.30am and I pruned all my roses which this year look excellent.  I washed and hoovered out my car and I thought The Boss had had a change of heart for me but how wrong I was.  I took my little yorkie dog out for  a walk to the park and we’d only been gone ten minutes when the heavens opened and the little dog and I were both like drowned rats.  That night I had stern words for The Boss and I hope He listened because I’m off to my person on Friday.  I think I had better look closely at the dinner she gives me because she will conjure up something weird to shock me.

If I live though it I will look forward to your comments.  Take care and be happy.

Note from FC.  I'll be back with what happened when Jack came here.


  1. Jack, It sure sounds like you got your bad days all handed to you in one. I also appreciate kind people-doing for others when there is nothing expected or wanted is what as you call him, the Boss expects from us, right. I hope your thumb and head wounds heal swift and well-ouch.

  2. You poor old thing Jack, divine intervention is not what it should be for you right now. You have such a kind heart and your family sounds amazing with such kindness.

  3. Hi Jack, what a trying week - you are certainly being put through your paces. What a kind soul you are though, passing on skills and time, that doesn't happen so much these days - and your lovely family doing the same too.

    Don't worry, nothing is overlooked; I can count on you getting those angel wings! (PS check the food carefully, you don't want to gain your wings too soon)

  4. Hiya, Jack! What a bad week! I hope you are on the mend from all your injuries. You are a very kind, helpful person and I hope this week goes better for you. Looking forward to your next guest post -- and i am sure your person will have something completely lovely for you to eat.

  5. Wow! That story could be made into a movie. Wow, wow, wow! Maybe the Boss is hinting that you are due for a vacation :)

  6. Jack need a vacation? You have got to be joking. he goes off to Malta for nearly three months each winter and he has a caavan at Mablethorpe which he uses two weeks our of each three in the summer! That's why for the one week at home he has to rush around so much! (But he is great.)