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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Innit 'ot!

My mother would be ashamed at my unladylike language but this 'ere lady is no longer merely glowing, she's in a sweating puddle!

Years ago I did VSO in Nigeria and don't remember being this uncomfortable.  And no, it wasn't dry fresh heat.  South Eastern Nigeria is hot and humid.

What was different was the lifestyle.  People got up early and did what had to be done then during the afternoon they took a siesta to be ready for another burst of activity in the evening.  Houses were designed to keep the occupants cool with blinds and shutters.  Trees were planted to provide shade.

Or maybe it was just that I was younger and better able to cope.


  1. Whatever the weather, rain or shine it is the custom of the English to moan about it. I think I prefer the heat to the cold wind and rain...

  2. I drove to work in thick mist!

  3. We had rain all day until he evening!

  4. In our part of the country the temperatures have been nearly 90f I've stayed indoors unless we've had to go out. A trip to Sainsburys was a joy as I lingered far more than was necessary hanging over the open freezer cabinets