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Friday, 12 June 2015

The Parcel

There was a card through my door yesterday.  A card from Parcelforce.  A card telling m that the postie was sorry to have missed me but a call at the local post office would be A Good Idea.

So today the trundle truck and I went up into Caistor and we came back with this.  A parcel from America, from Minnesota.  Sam from A New Frame of Reference organised a giveaway to celebrate the first anniversary of her blog.  I've read it almost since she began, which was a few weeks before I began this blog so I was very interested in her "mystery" giveaway of a gift basket of all things Minnesota (but she stipulated that she would not be packing a lake).  
I e mailed Sam earlier today to tell her that the parcel had arrived and told her that opening the parcel would be the start of my Sabbath delight today. I brought it home and even made sure that I didn't look at the customs declaration! Sam said she wouldn't ruin my surprise by telling me about the things she had sent before I had opened it - thank you even more Sam!  

But this is what was there.  Everything was packed into the pretty basket inside the box and the first thing I was aware of was coffee - a wonderful pong!  There is a mixture of things with which I am very familiar  (Spam, Post its, Scotch tape), things with which I am sort of familiar but in a new variety (tee shirt, coffee, granola bars), and things which are novelties to me like Minnesota cultivated wild rice (which is black!), salted nut rolls and Lucky Charms treats.  Some these will be sampled tomorrow.

It was a fun box to open and I imagine it was fun for Sam to compile.  She said that once I had opened it she would explain some of the items so I am looking forward to that.



  1. How wonderful, I love getting post. I will be interested to hear what the wild rice is like. Have a lovely weekend, its raining heavily here so won't be getting a lot done outside.

  2. the nature valley bars are good (green bars) if that's what they are. I thought they were Canadian only, so I have learned something new as well.

  3. How silly of me to not realize you had posted under this blog! I will do a post and explain all things in the basket under my blog at Wild rice is amazing, and this particular company has some ties to friends of mine in northern Minnesota where it is harvested. I will post a link to a video as well that describes the harvest.