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Sunday, 10 May 2015


While out yesterday I saw a man I hadn’t seen for over five years, a man from my last parish.  We greeted each other with a huge hug, but as I remarked to my companion “I am one of two women who married Steve on the same day.”


  1. A comment that really made me smile, just when I needed it.

  2. I had to think about it for a moment!

  3. My Mum married my Dad. My Dad married me. I married my husband. Next month, my husband will marry my daughter, and my daughter will marry her fiancee !!

    1. So you knew exactly what I meant, no bother! But it's always fun saying/writing it!

  4. just me a moment to click what you meant.

  5. It took me a bit as well. Your blog has offered up several brain games for me lately. I hate to admit it but I had NO IDEA what you meant by "And so will the new baby who won’t just have a day of being a princess but a whole lifetime of it," on your post a few days ago. I hadn't seen the announcement until later and then I had an "ah ha!" moment and put two and two together. You are keeping me on my toes!