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Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Tree

In the centre of my front garden is a cherry blossom tree, Prunus X Yedoensis Shaidare Yoshino, which is now in full blossom.

Almost twenty years ago my father died and my mother planted a cherry tree like this is memory of him.  Several years later she had to come and live with me and she left that one behind but she bought another one which Jack planted in the garden which I had then.  When she died I could look at her tree and remember both my parents and I took comfort in its beauty.

Move on another three years and I had to leave that house and come here, leaving my tree but a couple of years ago my nephew and his wife bought me another cherry tree which Jack again panted for me in memory of both my parents and my nephew's mother (my sister) who died four years ago.

The tree is in my garden.  It weeps for it is sad to lose those whom we love.  But even more it is truly beautiful, for I have been left with beautiful memories.


  1. What a nice remembrance. Just before my Dad died 12 years ago he had ordered 3 rosebushes for his yard. My sisters and I each took one. I pleased to say that the Jim Ed (his name) Memorial rose is thriving and is covered in buds this spring. If we move he's coming with us.

  2. What a wonderful way to remember loved ones. I have a Daphne that my dad planted for me, when I move I will plant another, he loved their scent.

  3. Beautiful tree and beautiful memories.