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Friday, 6 March 2015

Treated to lunch by a Teddy Bear

I’m really sorry that I haven’t been posting this week.  It’s not that I haven’t done things – quite the opposite.
Bobo The Magnificent

On Monday I took Bobo home and was rewarded by a joyful reunion between him and Alice, his human.  They had been apart for getting on for a year and they had a lot of news to catch up on.  Alice has become a granny whilst he was away!  After a while Bobo suggested very politely that he’d like a little time to himself to get used to being back home so he suggested that Alice and I should go out for lunch – his treat – so we went out and continued talking well into the afternoon.

On Tuesday I went to visit a cousin who is moving to France in the next few weeks.  I would find it both difficult and expensive to visit her once she has moved so this visit was very important to both of us.  Isn’t it amazing – the muscles in our tongues never seem to get tired no matter how much we talk!

Wednesday was Leicester.  I lived there for several years so have quite a few friends there but I was visiting one old friend who sadly has Parkinson’s disease and is finding life trying.  I stayed for an hour but didn’t want to overwhelm her.  I took a small album of photos of my home which I had made for her.  She’s never been here and is now unlikely to do so, so this seemed to go down well.  After that a visit to Leicester market, always a treat.  It’s the best market I know of and I bought some lovely fabric.

And then home.  It had been a delightful short break but home is wonderful!  I was shattered but yesterday I conducted a funeral and I’m catching up with everything.

Not the most exciting post I’ve ever written but I need to get blogging again!


  1. It's very nice to hear from you :) so thank-you for the update.
    I had thought that Bobo was returning home to your dear friend who's dealing with Parinson's. Now that you've informed us that you've re-united Bobo and Alice, visited with your cousin, visited with your other friend, and conducted a funeral. Oh, no wonder you've been away from blogging!

    You deserve a fabulously relaxed and quite Sabbath after all that!

  2. You have certainly been busy. Parkinsons is never easy to come to terms with and I am sure a funeral isn't either. Have a well deserved rest.

  3. you had a lovely few days by the sounds of it. Have a restful Sunday.