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Thursday, 26 February 2015


I've just met up with a distant cousin for lunch and she brought me some lovely flowers. They're still in bud and I shall enjoy looking at them for several days.  

I love giving things.  The pleasure of giving is part of who I am.  However, sometimes I have to restrain myself if I feel that the recipient will feel obliged to give something back.  Sometimes the best thing to give is pleasure to the donor by joyfully receiving what they have chosen.  I love receiving gifts, especially small, spontaneous ones, but feel sad when the pleasure of gift giving (and receiving) becomes little more than a tit for tat. 

The gifts which I most enjoy giving are those which are home made.  In the summer that is often a few flowers or some beans from my garden, especially if I know the recipient doesn’t have such home grown treats.  In the autumn and winter I can give jams and chutneys from my kitchen.  Sometimes I can give something I have sewn - tote bags are always appreciated.

Next week I am hoping to visit a friend whom I see only once a year.  She is quite a bit older than me and she has Parkinson’s which she is finding very hard to cope with.  She gets very emotional when I phone so now I just send letters and I hope I am not distressing her in that she can’t reply.  She and her husband used to come and stay with me for short breaks but that is no longer possible.  I have decided to take a few photos of my house as she has never seen it.  I know she will like to have something of me to keep after I have left her. 

Does anyone else have ideas for small gifts?  


  1. I think your visit will be the best gift you could give her!

    1. I think you are right but I can visit her only about once a year so I want to leave her with something she can look at again and again. I send her the occasional letter but that distresses her as replying is very difficult for her (although that doesn't worry me) and as I say phone calls are too much. I am hoping my visit won't upset her but I think it is important that I go.