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Monday, 29 December 2014

An end to seclusion

Few people can have had a quieter Christmas than me.  I came home from church on Christmas Day, shut the door and didn’t open it again until this morning.  I had a few phone calls but Christmas is a time of quiet seclusion for me.  I have plenty of invitations but I prefer solitude for this very special time

I decided that today was the right time to end my seclusion with a trip to Normanby Park.  I made a flask of coffee, wrapped up warm and off I went. 

It was so beautiful there!  There were few people about in the early morning, just a few dog walkers.

The ducks had decided that it was too cold to go swimming.

The trees looked magnificent in their winter nudity.

The walled garden has been largely cleared and the soil left bare to allow the frost to deal with the pests.

I had wondered if these beauties would have been put over the rhubarb to force it.

But no, Victoria is still exposed.

It was a wonderful to ride around on my trundle truck.

And even better to get home to slow cooker chicken casserole


  1. Winter is a very still time in the garden, nothing seems to be there...and yet it is all growing away under the earth.

  2. These are lovely photos -- winter where you are is prettier than winter here in Texas. We have had our second really cold blast, today, with the threat of icy weather on New Year's Day. Nothing something I look forward to but am thankful that everybody will be home that day and safe and sound.

  3. What a beautiful place to visit, looks cold though!