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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A little early for me

Today I’ve actually put up a few decorations.  Normally I leave it until after the fourth Sunday in Advent but my nephew and his wife will be coming from Belgium tomorrow and will include me on their very busy itinerary.

Unlike many bloggers I have no wonderful decorations made by children or grandchildren but over the years I have made quite a few myself so here are a few of my creations.  Most are polystyrene balls covered with fabric.  I have lots of homemade jobbies but I don’t put them all out every year.

I’ve also got quite a few nativity sets and again they don’t all come out every year.  Here is a matryoshka doll also known as Russian nesting doll or babushka doll.  The biggest or outside doll is all three kings in one doll, and then there are Joseph, Mary, an angel, a donkey and the Christ Child.

This is a Celtic style stone nativity set, reminiscent of the Lewis chess set.

If you read my other blog you will know that each Monday I have been writing about my Advent calendar.  This will stay up until Christmas Eve when it will be replaced by a larger set which I’m not going to show you just yet but this figure of a pregnant woman is in the same range and reminds me that no matter how many decorations go up, it is still Advent.  



  1. I have that same lady and you are right. She is perfect for this waiting time. I can't wait to see the larger set!

  2. yes, it is still Advent and I must stop myself from letting the "oh-my-gosh-I'm-not-ready" panic set in. Your nativities are lovely and I especially like the expectant mom.