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Friday, 3 October 2014


I’ve been to Normanby Hall again today and I’m feeling very frustrated because I can’t upload my photographs!

However, while I was there I had one of those incidents which make me think.  I wanted to get a photograph which involved leaving the metalled path.  Like a lazy idiot instead of getting out my walking stick I rode my trundle truck (mobility scooter) under the trees.  The leaves and a few twigs have started falling and soon my TT was stuck.  The back wheels had become jammed with damp leaves and I wasn’t going anywhere.  I got off, sorted out my stick and started to poke the leaves out.  It wasn’t easy.

Two ladies saw me struggling and came over to see if they could help and with their aid I tilted the TT,  the wheels were soon freed and I was free to trundle off.  And I was VERY grateful!

I’m very lucky.  People are usually willing to help me.  But sometimes I really don’t want help.  I know that if other people do too much for me I will lose some of the abilities I have.  I have thought long and hard about this and I have come to this conclusion – disability involves me trusting that people want to help when I need help but it involves my friends trusting that when I need help I will ask.  I hope I don’t sound ungracious. 


  1. No you don't sound ungracious. Both my Dad and my husband are disables and I have learnt to stand back and let them help themselves as much as they can, they will ask if they need help. Glad you managed to get the wheels free.

  2. No you don't sound ungracious. I feel it is about respect. Often people rush in to help without actually asking if that person wants help. Just because someone is on a mobility scooter it doesn't mean they can't ask for help if needed.

  3. You don't sound ungracious -- you sound very wise.