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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Oh dear!

As I have said before, I suffer from CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) big time.  As I write this I am sitting in a room with the contents of my handbag scattered over the floor because I emptied it to find my purse for the poppy seller who came to the door and then  I didn’t pick everything up after I’d bought the poppy.  The kitchen looks as though a bomb has hit it and the hallway is full of the Christmas presents I was wrapping on Friday.  (I couldn’t resist a bit of bragging about having got something done ready for Christmas.)

But Jack is coming tomorrow.  As I have also said before Jack is brilliant.  He’s hardworking, focussed and hard to distract but there is one major problem with him – he makes me feel guilty.  He doesn’t mean to but when I see how much he achieves in a day I feel totally pathetic.  So this evening I shall be busy tidying, wiping, dusting, vacuuming, ironing and all the thousand and one other things I have been neglecting. 

Where did that extra hour go?


  1. You can count me in on your cleaning frenzy! I've had a horrible head ache the past few days and my house looks... chaotic. The Thanksgiving tree craft in the midst of it may not have helped. None the less, I'm cleaning right along side you (after I get off the computer and in between doing a photo shoot). Right now!

  2. I was really REALLY angry with DS18 yesterday and the rage got the kitchen clean.......DH says I'm like a whirlwind of cleaning when I'm mad lol x

  3. When you have finished yours I wouldn't say no to some help around here, it is always chaotic when we have had visitors. I am impressed you have started wrapping Christmas presents.

  4. I am very impressed that I have started wrapping Christmas presents. However, do not be deceived, a lot of pressies are still only in my head (but not of course the wrapped ones)!

  5. My house is in a constant state of clutter, it drives me mad, yet it still doesn't get done. I really need a serious sort out and declutter, and to be more organised. I have my work bag tipped all over the lounge floor at the moment because I couldn't find my work I.D. badge!!! aarrrgggghhhhh