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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Grumpy Old Man

I woke up this morning full of good intentions about things I would do today.  And I’ve done none of them.  It’s been a glorious warm day here and I decided that the trundle truck and I would go to Normanby Hall.  It’s the first year that I’ve bought a season ticket to go there and it has been so worthwhile.  I was there for a couple of hours today.  

The autumn colours were magnificent.

The walled garden is being readied for winter

And it is half term so the place was teeming with children. Usually I go at times when there won’t be many youngsters (they do unpredictable things when they see my trundle truck) but I had forgotten about half term and watching them was sheer joy.

The land train was running and little ones were enjoying rides.  So were a few grandads and grandmas.  

This grumpy old man didn’t look as though he thought half term was a good idea – but his life will get more exciting on 5th November!


  1. I love sitting and watching children play, they have such wonderful imaginations. Normanby Hall looks like a wonderful place to visit.

  2. He does look grumpy doesn't he? If he wasn't enjoying the children that is a shame -- children are so fascinating and they say such wonderful things. Maybe he needs to be around more of them!

    1. He'll be spending the rest of his days with children! By the way, do you know the significance of 5th November for Brits?

  3. Mary -- second letter going out today so be looking for it!