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Saturday, 19 July 2014

It's too darn hot!

It’s just too hot!  I don’t do hot.  I do cold.  Cold is OK – if it’s too cold I can just pile on more layers, have hot stews and (don’t tell the frugal police) turn up the heating.  But hot is just plain tiring.

Saturdays in this household are always very deliberately quiet.  I invite no-one to come. The TV is off.  Meals are simple and as far as possible prepared in advance.  Saturdays are for creativity, for quiet, for thinking.  Today is just so hot that even thinking seems like hard work.

I’ve been getting on with Bobo’s new sweater and am on the second sleeve but knitting is uncomfortable.  My excuse is that Bob wouldn’t want a thick sweater in this weather anyway.  The pattern was fine until I knitted the sleeves and when I had finished one sleeve it was very obviously very wrong so I had to rewrite the pattern, something I’ve never tried before.   I just hope that when the cold weather comes, Bobo is suitably grateful


  1. I`m a summer lover, but the high humidity we have at the moment doesn`t agree with me. I like dry heat, - Moroccan heat is preferable. I can`t wait to return there for my holiday in October. Having been frugal since last September has made it possible for us to save for this holiday. Around 360 days of guaranteed good weather over there does sound idyllic, doesn`t it? If only we could win the lottery, then a small place in the sun could be our retirement retreat.
    You dream of colder days as I wish for more sunny ones. I suffer with arthritis and asthma, so I hate the damp and cold conditions of our winters here. I also find the winter days depressingly grey and boring, not forgetting the high heating costs involved. I don`t like winter unless we have some snow over Christmas. I`d rather forget about winter weather and woolly jumpers, but would love to enjoy my simple breakfasts in the sun every morning.

  2. I lived and worked in Nigeria for a while and the heat in south east Nigeria is definitely not dry heat for most of the year and yet I coped. I think my problem at the moment is the lack of a breeze!

  3. I am with you on that - flippin insufferable heat! I am the only person in the office locking myself in the air conditioned server room where it is 10 degrees cooler than the office space - bring on the autumn nip in the air and my lovely wooly tights please!!

  4. Here's to making you jealous, Bonnie - I'm retired and offices etc are a dim and distant memory Unfortunately breezes are a dim and distant memory too.!