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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Home alone

Just before Christmas I can single-handedly raise the stress levels of an awful lot of people.  Now let’s be clear on this, they are nice, kind loving people, but there’s an awful lot of them.

I am one of the most blessed people alive.  I get an incredible number of invitations to go to other people’s homes on Christmas Day.  Cousins, friends, church members, fellow church leaders, all invite me to join them but I just won’t budge.  I prefer to be home alone.

Christmas is a very special day.  It starts like a Sunday morning here.  I get up and have a leisurely cup of coffee whilst I check in with the Almighty, then I dress and it’s off to church.  I think I’d be missed if I didn’t go as I’m the gal who leads the service and Christmas is one of those days when I feel more than usually blessed to be able to do so.  The congregation is extra happy and I get a generous number of hugs and often gifts of wine or baked gifts.  Yummy. 

On the way home I call to see Auntie Hettie (who has just been to chapel) and I have a coffee and a natter there but from then on it’s a solitary day. 

I come home and maybe unwrap a present before I go for a snooze but it’s a day for pleasing myself.  When I get up I gradually open my presents but take time to enjoy each one, especially the homemade ones.  My meal can be at any time (this year it was in the evening) and can be anything.  This year I had a turkey roast with pigs in blankets, stuffing balls, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, spinach, bread sauce and gravy with some rather nice cranberry sauce which had arrived in my stocking.  I decided to keep the pud for another day.  During the day I listen to the radio or an audiobook, watch TV, read or do puzzles.

And I am truly blessed.  I know that if I changed my mind and wanted company I could go to any number of houses and a place would quickly be prepared for me at the table.  I am blessed in that everyone who invites me would truly make me welcome but respects my desire to stay at home.

In all I am blessed for the love which Christ showed in coming to earth is shown in my family and circle of friends.  I hope that you too have been blessed this Christmas.


  1. It sounds like a smashing day to me! Being an only child I was used to small celebrations with just my parents and myself. We would visit my grandmother and extended family including several cousins but it was pretty much sensory overload for me. When I had my own children we had the usual hustle and bustle with them and grandparents but it still wasn't terribly overwhelming until the time we were to spend with my husbands brothers and all their children -- much larger group, much more noise, much more drama. I didn't enjoy it so much. Now our days are quieter and more isolated which sounds dull to some, I would suppose, but I am a lot like you in that I like to start off the day in prayer and thought and I like to do what feels natural to me. I miss the children and all that and I do get some of that with the grandblessings but on a daily basis it is quiet and I am ok with that. So, I can identify with you completely.

  2. It sounds like your Christmas was practically perfect. Merry Christmas!