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Friday, 4 November 2016


It's not often I get a letter with this on the back nowadays.

Even then it's not often I would share the contents of such an envelope on this blog.

But it was a letter from Jack and he wants to communicate with all of you.  So "SWALK" may be for me, but it's just to sweet-talk me so he can get onto my blog.

Hi Everyone!
Yesterday I went to one of my favourite places!  Yes, it was to see the vicar.  I was later than usual because I had been for an eye test.  I was amazed to be told that my eyes hadn't changed in my last three visits - what good news!  Anyway, as usual a Haddon Hall pot of tea was on the tray and as we drank plans were made for the day.

It was decided that I would go to see Auntie Hettie first as the vicar had guests coming around 10.30 so off I went.  I would be back for dinner.  Auntie Hettie hadn't been too well  for a day or two but she perked up when I went into her room to say hello.  I always take Hettie a book to look at.  The one today was about old country cottages which I know she will enjoy.  Carrie, her daughter (who looks after her mum) told me what needed doing.  To look after someone full time takes a lot of doing so a big well done to Carrie and all other carers doing the same thing. I take my hat off to you.

I've been doing the garden for them for a few months now.  I've already made a patio where Hettie can sit when she is well enough.  I fixed the garage door so Carrie can open it unaided.  We put her guinea pig cages in it for the winter and then, after pruning the roses, it was a cuppa in the kitchen for me.

The garden is very large so I will be going for a while yet.  It's near a small road and lots of people walk by and I have a lot of banter with them when they are  passing.  Dinner time was approaching so I went back to the vicar's.

Just before dinner I started to take out a shrub in "my" part of the garden.  It had outstayed its welcome!  What a hard job it was!  It had got around an old tree stump with its roots entangled in it.  I lost a lot of sweat doing this before I was shouted in for dinner.  We had gammon, baked potato, broad beans, carrots, sweet corn, broccoli and (best of all) onion sauce which she had made.  Just one thing spoilt it - my first bite into the broccoli just about broke my teeth.  I didn't like to tell her it was frozen so I said it was a little cold.  Dinner wouldn't be the same if everything was perfect.

After emptying the fountain, digging out the rest of the shrub, planting some hyacinths, moving some boxes into the kitchen, moving the hanging basket stand and the bird table, and moving some of the many pots and tubs with flowers in so the vicar could admire them from the house during the winter it was 3.30pm, time I was going home to my wife who is suffering with her back at the moment.

I must tell you all before the vicar does - I am going to Malta for a month to get some sunshine.  I'll still be thinking of you all.

Rambler Hope your mojo is back.  we've now got a shi tzu - she's a bundle of joy.

Mamas Mercantile   Thank you for your kind words.  I'm often around Mablethorpe and Skeggy so watch out for me.

Sam  Good luck with your hockey team.

For everyone  Remember "A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the loveiest things you can be."  



  1. Jack you would be most welcome in for a cup of tea anytime. You are certainly blessed to have each other as friends, a lovely relationship.

    1. He's in Malta but I'll tell him! He can drink tea for Britain.

  2. If he trades Malta for Minnesota I'll bring him to a hockey game, maybe even an outside version.

  3. These posts make me wish so very much to one day visit all the lovely people in your life, sit down for a cup of tea, and marvel at all the hard work done in the garden and round about. Hope you thoroughly enjoy Malta Jack.

  4. Jack, I'm so glad to hear you have your little Shi Tzu; I bet she brings so much joy into your life. I have decided I will definitely have another dog, but I must get my replacement knee operation over first (due sometime in December, I'm told.) I'd love a pup, so that I could train it to the same standard as my lovely Zac, but I also feel that there are so many rescue dogs waiting for a good home. Very torn.

  5. Jack's away for about a month. His little dog is with his daughter. 'm not sure whether he will have any internet access while he's away but when he gets back - hang on to your hats!!!

  6. Well that brought back memories, I haven't seen SWALK for many a year. I hope Jack has a lovely time away.