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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Feeling happy

I almost headed this post feeling smug but that would be to tempt fate!  I've got all my Christmas cards made and the envelopes addressed.  

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas cards.  I love writing each one as I remember friends, some of whom I've known for over half a century.  I try and write a little on each one, enquiring after children or grandchildren.  Many have a "do you remember?" flavour.  For my extended family I enclose a copy of an old photograph from my collection.  There are people to whom I want to say a few words of thanks for the kindness they show me and Christmas is a special time to do this, in addition to thanks after each kindness,

And then cards will be received.  These too will bring love and memories.  I no longer display all my cards but rather put them into a pretty basket to be kept near my chair.  Again and again over the Christmas period I will find a letter or a card from that basket and re-read it.  Sometimes I may even phone the sender.  E mails are great - but the sight of handwriting and the sound of a well-remembered voice is even better.

But it is a love/hate relationship which I have with Christmas cards.  Whilst I love writing each card it is the sheer volume of the whole job which is overwhelming.  The cards are now made, the envelopes addressed and the cards themselves will be written in late November.  I'm hoping I've sorted things so that the love part comes out tops!


  1. Such a good idea to have them all made and addressed. I am going to make a start on mine this week. I always enclose a note to friends I haven't seen in awhile too letting them they are in my thoughts.

  2. I had great plans to make all my Christmas cards but.......maybe I can do a few yet.

    1. Go for it! There's loads of inspiration on line so just go for it. Hope I get a home-made jobbie! (You will!)