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Friday, 2 September 2016

Three wheels on my wagon

Well, life is never dull.

Our local vicar is on his hols at the moment so yours truly volunteered to take the midweek communion last night.  I decided to go really early to give myself time to admire various gardens on the way.  It was a lovely warm evening and I was really enjoying the ride.

Until there was a thump.  And a grating noise.  And one of the front wheels of my trundle truck went off down the hill leaving me and the rest of the truck to watch it.

Don't worry, I was more surprised than hurt.  Someone was walking by and she helped me to get it out of everyone's way.  Someone else went to a nearby house and asked the very kind gentleman to help.  He took me home and I fetched my car which has a ramp so I could get the TT in without too much difficulty.

And I still got to church on time!

P S New scooter arriving Tuesday.  


  1. Oh no. Let's hope the trundle ruck can be mended wuickly. We can't have you slowing down one bit.

    1. Thanks, Sam. I've decided to have a new one. The old one is well over six years old and very well used and would cost quite a bit to repair. New one arriving Tuesday. It's the same as the old one so I'll be keeping it for a few spares.

  2. So glad there were Good Samaritans on hand to help!