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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Something blue

A few weeks ago I baptised a lovely little baby called Freddie and today when I returned from a few days away this card was waiting on the door mat.  It was from Freddie's mum thanking me for the care I take in such things and also thanking me for their wedding which I conducted four years ago.  Things like that warm my heart and make me rejoice that I am a (retired) vicar.

Seventy six years ago as this week my parents were married.  I know I've shared this photo before but I love it.  Things like that make me rejoice that I come from a loving family and had a secure childhood.

Yesterday I went to the wedding of a cousin's son.  I had to drive six hours each way to get there and I am now shattered.  However I just had to share with you this view of the bride's blue socks worn with her sparkly trainers.  Things like that just make me rejoice!!!!


  1. The socks and the trainers were a real joy and certainly made me smile. So uplifting.

  2. I love your parents' wedding photo! And I like the sparkly trainers with blue socks. My daughter wanted to wear flip flops and I told her no. I would have been only with the trainers! Here in Texas lots of brides wear cowboy boots! Very strange for this old lady to get her head around!

    1. The previous week I had conducted a "themed" wedding and the bridesmaids wore wellington boots. I just thank the Lord that the bit I am looking at during the service looks OK.