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Thursday, 15 September 2016


I met up with Alice, an old school friend today.  Our friendship goes back fifty years and is still great.

We had a lovely chatty lunch and then a walk around Newark.  It's a delightful old town on the banks of the River Trent.  King John died there in 1216 but the castle where he died still stands overlooking the river.  The town now has the National Civil War Centre and I keep promising myself a trip there but today was too lovely to stay indoors.  The Civil War was fought 1642 to 1646 so a few more months before I get to visit can't make much difference.

Good to know that the dogs aren't ignored

There were still things to look at.  Alice and I had our giggles when we saw these notices.  

and even better to know that all those years ago the soldiers had their Brownies!

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  1. I have met my daughter at Newark a few times but like you never got to go to the museum as the weather was too nice.