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Monday, 19 September 2016

I'm blushing!

Jack writes.

Hi everyone, it's about time I did another post.  Time seems to fly past very quickly when you are over 70.  
A likely lad!

Most of you know I'm away at my caravan on the east coast for two weeks out of three.  When I'm at home I try to get around everyone who I help so I can keep them happy.  My good friend the vicar always likes to be first in the queue, which she should be as she's done so much and been so kind to me and all my family and if putting her first makes her happy then so be it.  Not only is she kind to me but she's kind to other people as well.  She's not only big in stature, she must have a big heart as well. Once again, Vicar, I must be going soft in the head.  I'm saying good things about you.  (She deserves it really.)

On my last  visit the whirlwind (which is me) turned into a hurricane and I did a lot of work for her and her Auntie Hettie.  At dinnertime I was rewarded with sausages, new spuds and string beans of which I got most of the string.  Her cooking is getting better - she only burnt the sausages on one side.

I'm keeping this post short but will do a longer one next time.

Chickpea, if you move to Lincolnshire I'll be your Jack: if you don't good luck and I hope you find a local Jack very soon.  Ask the Boss Upstairs for help on this one.  Same thing applies to Rambler as well.

I hope you are all enjoying the summer.  I look forward to your comments.  Be good and God bless.

Love, Jack


  1. You too have a heart of gold, you are one good man Jack.

  2. Thank you Jack, it may be worth moving to Lincolnshire to take up your offer :)

  3. Love the t-shirt Jack! Preseason hockey is just weeks away! Go Wild.

  4. Thank you, Jack, for thinking of me; I do appreciate it. I am finding it very difficult to post on my blog at present - no walks now, without Zac by my side. I hope to get my mojo back soon and start going out and about without feeling lost. xx

    1. Jack won't be around for a while but I think he would like me to offer you a little sympathy. His little dog, Mitzi, also died this year so he knows a lot of what you are going through. Take care.