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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Hopes fulfilled

My hopes for August looked modest when I wrote them down.  Have a picnic at Normanby.  Sit on my swing and smell not just the roses but the lavender and the sweet peas.  Really only the picnic looked like any sort of activity: basically I was planning idleness!

And my hopes were richly fulfilled!  My swing is a wonderful place to sit.  I can hear the birds on nearby open land.  I can smell the flowers in my own lovely garden.  I can enjoy the tinkling water of my tiny fountain.  And as  I sit or swing I can knit or sew or prepare vegetables for the freezer.  Best of all I can just sit and think.  

By the end of this month periods sitting on the swing will be short as autumn takes hold.  My sweet peas are already a thing of the past and soon Jack will be pulling out the summer annuals and planting pansies and wallflowers ready for the winter.  

And I will be spending my time indoors, still knitting and sewing, still thinking but now enjoying audiobooks rather than birdsong.  I've ordered a new chair for myself and it will get well used.

My hopes for September?  Well, I'm off to South Wales for a family wedding and I may just meander back visiting a few friends on the way.  I need to crack on with making Christmas cards and also get a wriggle on as far as presents are concerned.  

No hurry though.  A woman who doesn't get around to thinking about a new month until the third day of that month can never be said to be in a hurry!

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