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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

There's glory for you!

At the moment I'm trying to keep the car mileage down but yesterday morning was glorious so off I went to Normanby.  I almost didn't get there because a beautiful deer ran across my path but fortunately she made it across the road and I drove quite a bit slower for a while.

Then when I got to Normanby I saw this glorious sight.  I do feel privileged when I see deer this close.  They are such beautiful creatures!  Stags can look a bit fierce but the hinds look so gentle and vulnerable.

The park was full of children yesterday but fortunately my favourite bit is not appealing to the infantry.  I always enjoy the walled garden.  It's basically a vegetable garden maintained Victorian style with perennials and flowers (for cutting) bringing colour and enrichment.  They had a change of head gardener a few  years ago and I think the new one isn't very keen on vegetables.  These beds used to be filled with pumpkins which were then carved for Hallowe'en.  I rather like these new flowers though, so I sat and knitted.  There's glory for you!

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