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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Things were different when I was a girl

I have reached the age when I hear myself saying "It wasn't like that when I was young".  In fact, to be totally honest I've been saying that for quite a few years.

Sometimes I've got my rose tinted spectacles on and I'm saying that things were better way back when.  But sometimes things have definitely improved.  

The village pond at Limber Magna
When we visited my grandmother when I was a child we used to pass a certain village pond and the game was to see what had been dumped in it since the last time we passed by.  There were bikes, prams, old car tyres and the like.  Not a pretty sight.  

But now the villagers take a real pride in their pond - and rightly so.  Ducks, moorhens, water lilies - all flourish.
 Some things have definitely improved since I was a girl.  


  1. You know, this post is really uplifting.

    I find myself saying the same thing often, that "it wasn't like that when I was young." For example, when I was a kid we played outside ALL THE TIME. Even when I was in high school I spent a lot of time outdoors. Now I see all these middle school and high schoolers walking to the bus in the morning and it seems like someone dropped them off in my neighborhood so they could walk to the bus. I honestly NEVER see any of these kids except when they're walking to the bus. I mean, where do they all live? Why are they never out walking, playing, just being outside? As far as I can tell they're either watching TV, playing on a cell/tablet or playing video games whenever they're at home. They don't leave their houses.

    I feel like the vast majority of changes from when I was a kid to now, despite how very much more "convenient" they're helping our lives to seem are negative changes. This post however makes me think I should keep a look out for some good changes. There must be some great improvements that are just eluding me. Thank-you for that.

  2. I find myself saying that same thing all too often these day. And you are right, some things are better but some need to go back a few decades and refocus!

  3. That's good to hear. Villages are important and people need to take a pride in them.

  4. That really was uplifting, so refreshing to hear something positive instead of all the doom and gloom.