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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Changing Face of Small Town Life

Like many market towns, the centre of Caistor seems to have an almost timeless quality about it.  There's the old pump, the Georgian and Victorian buildings, the alleys inviting exploration and the old church.  True, what was once a big market square is a car park with cars barred from a tiny part on Wednesdays and Saturdays so the few stalls can stand and ply their trade but it still feels timeless.
But for those who have known it a while, there are many changes visible.  George Court, a development of rather nice flats stands on the site of the old George Inn and the Talbot Inn has been converted into a Co-op.  The old ironmonger’s shop is now an estate agent and Wilkinson’s grocers an antique shop.  During this last year we have lost our last independent butcher and our only bank and we are down to a single pub.

And it’s people like me who are part of the reason for the closure of those businesses.  I do most of my shopping on t’interweb.  Drinking and driving is out so the pubs don’t get the trade.  I do most of my banking on line.  I am like so many more.

But I still feel sad that I can no longer go to Roger’s and buy my single lamb chop whilst hearing the local news.  I can’t nip into The Talbot and have a quick G & T at the end of the day.  And I no longer have the option of face-to-face banking without a twenty mile round trip.

I have decided that I will support the market traders a lot more.


  1. I think that is countrywide, with more and more services lost such a shame. I am guilty of not using local trade enough myself. Take care.

  2. Perhaps worldwide. I love the stalls in the UK markets, but hard to compete when ages for your customers need to stretch farther.

  3. I think it is a case of use it or lose it - but many people have to make financial choices about where they buy from. Over the years the 'village' area of where we live (rather a misnomer now!) has stopped being a place you could buy everything - there are a couple of general stores and a chemist; but now filled with takeaways, 2 betting offices, 2 taxi offices and 3 estate agents. A couple of other shops too - but not a one stop shop place anymore. It all looks tatty and run down - goodness only knows what the tourists from the campsite in the woods think!

    Caistor looks lovely to me - it seems a really nice place to live.