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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Learning again!

You know what they say about waiting for ever for a number eleven bus then three come along at once?  Well, substitute learning activities for the number eleven and it's been like that for me.

On Friday I went to Mandy and made cards, yesterday the dog ate my homework, and today I've been to a hanging basket class.  It was for our Trefoil Guild (Girlguiding for Grownups) and a we went to the Willows Garden Centre at Glentham, a few miles from here.  It's quite a small garden centre but it's very friendly and eight of us had the run of the plant area as we made up the hanging baskets for our homes.  I made two and had a lovely time!  They are standing in large plant pots here as that is the easiest way to hold them steady.

The best bit about doing them at the garden centre is that we could help ourselves to whatever plants we wanted as we wanted them and we paid when we had finished.  Afterwards we all went into the restaurant and indulged.  Not a bad day out! We've all decided that we would like to do the same thing next year.

I'll try to photograph them for this blog as the year progresses.  They will have to stay inside for a few weeks.  We've had glorious sunshine and sharp hailstones here today.  Weird weather!


  1. Whata clever idea for a garden centre to encourage groups in. Your weather today much the same as ours but we had some thunder and lightening added in for good measure.

  2. What a great outing, it will be lovely to see how the baskets fair throughout the season. The weather really is weird at the moment, bright sunshine one minute, rain hail and snow all in one day. Take care.

  3. What a nice way to do hanging baskets, with a group of like minded people.

  4. I love hanging baskets. I have my dad's old shepherds hook, but till too cold here at night.