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Saturday, 23 April 2016


Our Bill
St George
Four hundred years of The Bard!  I wonder what Mary Arden thought she was unleashing on the world when she gave birth four hundred and fifty two years ago?  She could not have imagined how that mewling and puking scrap of humanity would make an impact on all the English speaking world once he had finished creeping unwillingly to school, come to man's estate and had made the world his stage.  Four hundred and fifty two years ago today (or thereabouts!) he was born, four hundred years ago today he died on England's national day, St George's Day.  So cry God for England, Willy and St George!
Elizabeth II - Bond Girl!

The big birthday this week though was a ninetieth, that of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Mountbatten-Windsor.  What an amazing woman!  Seeing photographs of her or television footage one would guess at someone in her sixties or at most, in her seventies.  I still smile when I think about the Olympic opening ceremony.  Her birthday celebrations will be going on for several months so I don't feel too bad at being slightly late in saying, Happy Birthday, Ma'am.

And in my own family we have been celebrating a special lady too.  Auntie Hettie was 91 this week.  For most people she isn't as important as either William S or Elizabeth R but for me she is one tremendous gal.  


  1. Happy Birthday to all the great women of the world.

  2. Indeed, a very special week for Birthdays.

  3. I have been watching the birthday festivities on the television and I love it ! I admire her so much.

  4. Oh yes, we are both of like minds! But for you and I, our family member's birthdays are equally important. I too loved the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. I recorded it to hard drive and rewatch it now and then X