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Thursday, 24 December 2015

One more sleep

I don't know how people who are parents survive Christmas Eve.  Every child I know is as high as a kite.

This afternoon I will be taking a Christingle service in a small village a few miles away.  I love this service but this is the first time since 2009 that I have had the opportunity to take one.   Few churches have this service on Christmas Eve but I found that parents really appreciated the chance for their children to have some spiritual input on this very exciting day.   There will probably be only a couple of dozen people there but  I hope I can send them home with some sense of awe and wonder as well as their (at that stage probably sweetless) Christingle 

For all of us Christmas Eve is Just One More Sleep.  For the moment I shall leave you with this lovely nativity set which is currently an Advent set as the woman still strokes her own swollen belly and gives the whole scene a feeling of expectation.


  1. We went to church yesterday late afternoon for the Children's Service. I can tell you it was packed and the sanctuary practically vibrated with all the jiggling going on and our Beanie was one of the jiggliest. It is a lovely service, all centered around the kiddos an it is just so.....lively!