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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches

I love Christmas trees.  One of the highlights of Christmas when I was a child was the Saturday before Christmas when Daddy would take us to buy The Tree.  We always had a real tree with a fairy on the top and lots of baubles and tinsel and fairy lights and lametta (can one still get lametta?) and home made creations.  The next highlight after buying the tree was seeing if the fairy lights still worked. They never did!
Right up until my retirement I had a real tree.  My vicarage had a small conservatory off the sitting room so I could put the tree in there without risking Fido getting needles in his paws or baubles in his mouth.  When I retired and downsized I reluctantly decided that for his safety it would have to be an artificial tree and although Fido died a couple of years ago I have continued with my fibre optic tree and I have to admit that I love the slow colour changes.  I bought these lovely feather angels a few years ago.  They all play musical instruments ranging from trumpets and brass instruments to lutes and other strings.

This year I splashed out and treated myself to an artificial birch tree.  It seemed very odd but it certainly shows off my homemade decoration.  
And finally the traditional fir tree.  This one is outside as my contribution to the Christmas feel of our little town.


  1. It all looks wonderful, its the baubles that I love to unpack and remember Christmas's past and the story behind each one. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. My friend also has a non-fir tree - and plans to keep it up with other non-Xmassy decorations into the New Year, for her grandchildren to enjoy

  3. Lovely tree. Merry Christmas, thank you for all of your lovely posts this year. Looking forward to more next year! x

  4. I love trees as well. There is something about bringing lughts and branches together that sooths me.