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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Getting creative 3

I was quite a busy girl when I went sewing on Monday and I made a tree!  You might think that is a feat reserved for the Almighty but Jane  is truly inspirational.  Here's how the mighty deed was accomplished.

First cut three triangles in each of two fabrics.  I chose green for one set of three and gold for the others.  My triangle have a two sides measuring aprox 9 inches and a base of 8 inches.

Put the triangles together in pairs of one of each colour, right sides together and stitch around each pair leaving a gap in the base to enable you to turn them right side out. Clip the corners and turn them right side out.  Press.   (If you have an overlocker you could be as big a cheat as me and overlock them wrong sides together but still leave a gap even though you will not need to turn them.)

Stack the three pairs so that in each case the colours face another triangle of the same colour.  Hard to explain but in my case I laid a gold triangle on the table so that there was a green triangle facing me.  I then laid the next triangle on top of that with the green side face down and the gold side upwards.  Finally I laid the third triangle on top of that with the gold side down and the green side uppermost.  (The order is thus gold, green, green gold, gold green.)

Pin this stack together then mark the central perpendicular line with tailors chalk and machine sew along it.  Stuff each of the six sections then slip stitch the gap on the bottom of each.  You will now have made a stylised tree.  

The tree can now be decorated as you want.  I used a few sequins including some rather nice star sequins for the top but I worked on the principle that less is more.

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  1. It looks really pretty, the gold and green fabric look wonderful together, the classic fit.