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Monday, 21 December 2015

From Russia with love

Today's decoration is very neat and packs away into itself for it is a Russian doll nativity set.  Baby Jesus fits inside a donkey, who fits inside an angel, who fits inside Mary, who fits inside Joseph, who fits in the doll which shows all three kings.

And as an extra for today may I introduce Father Frost?  He's a sort of Russian version of Santa and my late sister brought him back from St Petersburg for me.  Morozko's garments are always decorated with geometric patterns and his tunic is down to his feet.  His hat is always red and he wears mittens.  He carries a pikestaff.


  1. Both very beautiful and so different from the norm.

  2. These are very nice -- I have always loved the nested dolls of all sorts. I have never heard of Father Frost but I like him!

    1. Google and you'll find his story. He's not a chap I would want to meet really. He can be both nasty and nice.

  3. Those Russian Dolls are a bit unusual. I`ve never seen them decorated like that before. Father Frost is lovely!

  4. They are truly beautiful!!! I LOVE the idea of a Russian doll one- everyone in One, like we are in Christ!x