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Friday, 18 December 2015

One of our kings is missing

During my years of living in a large vicarage I collected quite a few nativity sets.  Some of these I gave away when I retired but many I kept.  Some are on display every Christmas but some come out one year but not the next.  I got one out today which hasn't seen the light of day for several years.

The figures are in dark wood and unfortunately don't photograph very well but I hope you can see Mary, Joseph and the baby, three shepherds, a sheep, a cow and two kings.

Only two kings?  That's right!

This set was the first I ever bought and it was a bargain because one of the kings and the donkey are missing.  I got it for very little and the saleswoman was glad to be rid of it because two models had gone walkabout.  It was only after I had bought it that I pointed out that the Bible makes no mention of three kings, just three gifts brought by Magi.  There is no mention of a donkey for Mary to ride or a stable, just a manger which may have been in a field or a cave.  

This isn't one of my favourite sets but each time I unpack it I am reminded to go and read the gospel anew. (Not that I need much reminding!)

And I am glad knowing the gospel brought me a very unusual opportunity to save a bob or two!


  1. The other year I found that Jesus was missing from onr of my Nativity Sets- got very stressed, till I found Him nestling in the bottom of a box in the loft, guarded by a lone angel. Rushed down to the kitchen yelling "I have found Jesus!" Well Hallelujah!

  2. A lovely set, I actually love the dark wood even though as you say it doesn't photograph well. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Last year when I was working on the Christmas countdown bags for Abner I was so surprised to find that the Magi are only mentioned in one of the four books and such a short little mention too. Like you said, it does not say that Mary rode a donkey or that there were three kings and of course you're right about the manger too.

    I love that your "partial" set is a reminder to re-read the story once again. How great!

    Abner has a little kid nativity scene of his own. It does have the three kings and the donkey, as well as a small assortment of other animals but no shepherds. He and I keep finding ourselves bothered that it has no shepherds. The shepherds take up a surprisingly big portion of the story in scripture and we have none for his nativity scene.

    Haha, right now we do have a zookeeper from a different set of the same brand of toys doubling as a shepherd. Although he's wearing safari type clothes and has binoculars around his neck. I guess he was prepared to take a closer look at the angles when they first visited. LOL

    1. I love these "unconventional" sets looked at through the eyes of faith. Last year my American penpal told me that her granddaughter had broken a shepherd. She had ordered new ones but the shepherds were going to arrive after the kings. I found that inspirational and wrote a special story at
      I really enjoyed being inventive.
      I'd love to see a photo of your set including the safari shepherd.