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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

December dawns!

December is unmistakable!  June and July can look pretty similar but December is so dominated by Christmas with its glitz and excitement that it is like no other.  Yes, there have been decorations and Christmas music in the shops for weeks but the shops aren't everything - the people we love are far more important and they make Christmas for us.

And each of us has our own little things which we always do, the trimmings which are carefully put away each January and lovingly taken out each December, the cards and letters from a list which was written years ago and has so many crossings out and additions, the recipes we have always made.  Each year brings its own variations which may or may not become our tradition, but basically December involves treading a well-worn path.

I've been making cards and presents since last January I think but still December is busy and joyful.  On this blog I shall record my preparations - the Sunday Pauses in Advent are a very important part of getting ready - and on my other blog I shall bring out my decorations, sometimes with memories, sometimes with a "how to".  It would be lovely if you joined me.


  1. Hello December indeed! It's going to be a splendid month for certain :)

    1. You know, Rivulet, i think we are just a pair of big kids. But I haven't even got the excuse of a small son!

  2. It is a lovely time of year. I actually like the early dark that forces slowing down and enjoying and appreciating lights.

  3. December goes by way too quickly for me!