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Sunday, 27 December 2015

A Bear in a Chair

When I was a little girl I had my very own throne.  It was a child size Lloyd loom chair in gold.  Then it disappeared and the next time I saw it was in my sister's house  for the benefit of my nephew.  And then it disappeared.  After my sister died my nephew found it in the loft and was going to put it in a skip(!!!) but I claimed it and since then it has been in my sitting room for the benefit of any passing small child.

But now it has a new tenant.  I've been in a Santa Sack Swap this Christmas and this gorgeous bear has claimed the chair.  She is called Linda after my wonderful swap mate whom I've never met.  She's made of upcycled fabrics, predominantly table cloths and she is GORGEOUS!

This is the first year I've taken part in Santa swaps and as always I've gone OTT and joined two, this one and a Twelve Days of Christmas Presents swap which will last until January 5th.  Some of the things from each will be appearing on here.  I had great fun making my two sets of presents to send but I'm having even greater fun unwrapping the things I have been sent.  Thank you, Linda and Marlene!


  1. I am so glad you got your chair back and I love the bear!

  2. Posting a cheat double comment: This is joy! What joy!!! You won't have to be greedy for joy whenever you happen to gaze upon this duo. LOVE IT!!!