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Saturday, 24 October 2015

A lovely Saturday

I am well and truly home from my holiday now so today I went to Mandy's for a day making cards.  The theme of the day was trees.  Here are the results  although I think I am better at making cards than I am at photography!
Stars and trees

Greetings of the Season
Trees in the snow
A peaceful scene (my joint favourite)

A new technique for me (looks better as a card than as a photo)

Winter scene (my other joint favourite)


  1. Beautiful cards, what a lovely way to spend the day. Hope you had a great holiday!

  2. I would love to have asked you about your card making, as I am very new to it. Time went by too quickly!

  3. Love them all, but particularly the last one. They remind me of the very expensive cards where decoration is understated but much more effective.

  4. They are beautiful cards, especially the two that are your favourites. Are the trees available to buy in packs or hand-painted, please?

  5. The trees are stamped using a stamp made by Stampin Up. The stylised shape trees (top three cards are made using a punch also from Stampin Up.

  6. Glad you like the trees Rambler. She makes some imaginative cards. Mandy..