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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Thursday is wonderful

I am a bit pathetic this week but don't worry - I don't need sympathy! 

 I've had a slightly gritty sensation in my eye on and off for several weeks and on Monday my eye became rather bloodshot and watery.  I've been to the doc who assures me that there is nothing seriously wrong so I'm just being quiet at home.

Except on Tuesday.  Tuesday I squawked.  The reason - I was preparing an avocado and I managed to stab myself in the hand.  The blood flow was quite startling!  Anyway I've sorted that and now have a suitably dramatic dressing on my left hand.

So with only one good hand and poor eyesight I was a bit limited as to how to spend my time.  One of my great pleasures in life is audiobooks.  A good book is great.  A good book read by an excellent reader is my idea of bliss.  So Wednesday I settled down to listen to a whodunit.  What could possibly go wrong?

The fire alarm went off.  After ten seconds it stopped.  Two minutes later I got a repeat performance.  Then two minutes later the same thing happened.  After the twelfth repetition I rang for help which arrived a couple of hours later.

So today is truly wonderful.  The house is quiet.  My hand no longer hurts.  My vision is still a bit iffy but my eyes don't hurt.  And I can sit and listen to my book.   Who knew silence could be so wonderful.


  1. Hope you have a blissful weekend, after the awful couple of days that you have just experienced and feel better soon.

  2. My goodness I'm glad things are back to normal! Silence is truly golden though. It really is. (It's naptime here right now, everyone including the dogs and cat are asleep, except for me of course. Naptime is just so wonderfully peaceful. Very revitalizing!) Enjoy your silence :) and your Sabbath... wait, it's still only Thursday, oh yeah as mentioned in your title. Well, your upcoming Sabbath then.

  3. Goodness -- well, they say things happen in threes so maybe you are done for a while. Yes, quiet can be very nice. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Oh my word! Do take care, look after yourself, and rest over the weekend!

  5. I'm haphazardly getting caught up on old posts-glad your doing better after the commotion. I think I might like to try audio books this winter. I have a long commute, and whiel I love my public radio, sometimes the heaviness of the world needs to be escaped from.

  6. Oh gosh... The unexpected always makes us feel more vulnerable. Rest and be as peaceful as you can X

  7. Thanks for all your good wishes. Everything is improving and I shall drive my car for the first time for a week today.