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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

I Am In Disgrace!

Jack came yesterday.

He sorted my vegetable garden and tutted because I hadn't eaten all the leeks.  But that's not why I am in disgrace.

He planted some bedding plants and tutted because I had let one or two die.But that's not why I am in disgrace.

He checked on my car and tutted because I hadn't noticed that the glass had broken on one of the fog lamps. But that's not why I am in disgrace.

He wasn't very keen on the lemonade which I gave him which was far too "tangy" for his taste.  But that's not why I am in disgrace.

So what I have done?

I made some leek and potato soup for lunch and didn't notice that one of the hooks had fallen off my utensil rack into the saucepan and I had served it to him.

That's why I am in disgrace.

But he's promised to come back next week so maybe I have been forgiven.


  1. A post that really made me smile, in fact laugh. It is so real.

  2. I don't think that is such a terrible disgrace! Soup sounds wonderful! I got your letter and will be replying soon.

  3. Well I'm glad he'll be back next week. Maybe you can redeem yourself then, right...

  4. I thought it was very funny, but I can see that he might have been a bit taken aback!

  5. oh dear me...........never mind it could have been worse!!!

  6. Oh dear, I shouldn't laugh but.......

  7. Oh my! that did make me laugh - sorry Jack!

    1. Jack doesn't use a computer but he always wants to know what I have been writing so I shall show him this post when he comes. He will no doubt make comments about the lack of sympathy for him in the comments!